Live Light

Are you tired of

  • thinking that something is thoroughly wrong with you?
  • always having to proof to others that you’re worth something?
  • feeling lonely, stupid or inferior?
  • having the idea there is never enough for you?
  • being not good enough?
  • thinking you’re not worth of being loved?
  • feeling unsafe and insecure?

and would you like to

  • know exactly what is going on in your life?
  • experience what you really want? Know what it means to really live without restrictions? Be free?
  • to be released from your fears
  • Discover what your resistance is trying to tell you?
  • be confident and independant
  • experience rest, satisfaction, enthousiasm, pleasure and love in your life? 

It is my life’s work to

help you discover, by means of self inquiry, that you are already perfectly good as you are. Here and now, with everything that comes along! You don’t have to get rid or fix anything anymore. Working on “yourself” has come to an end.
You are perfectly all right as you are, even if you don’t yet believe so. Did you know that the deepest transformation proces consists of accepting yourself as you are now (and eveything that comes with this)?
We are just stuffed with all kinds of beliefs, given to us in our early childhood. So we believe everything that is told to us and we don’t know any better.
These are all assumptions that we made our own along the way. We are afraid of letting go of them because we think they still help us. (I’ve got to stay calm, I always have to be there when needed, I can’t just think of only myself, I always have to be kind otherwise I am not being spiritual, I’ve got to change, I am not good enough…see what goes for yourself). We think that our assumptions provide us with certainty and safety.
I would like to invite you (based on the principle of non duality that everything is connected and therefore is one) to self inquiry. What assumptions are still true for you? What assumptions are obstructing you from living the life you really want?
By doing self inquiry, you gradually discover more about your true nature and so you become able to free yourself from the obstructive assumptions…and accept yourself for who you really are!
A big burden will fall of your shoulders, thus creating an immense freedom.
I would like to invite you to take this path inward and to discover for yourself what truth is!





Matt Nettleton.

What clients say about my sessions

How do I experience my personal sessions with Lydia?
Never before in my life as with Lydia’s help and guidance, I reached my deepest traumas and pain.
She guides me to the core of my pain, by asking the right questions.
Her caring mind and open attitude make me feel safe to go deeply through the layers of my conditionings and old beliefs. She is calm and shure, digging up everything that blocks me, thus allowing me to experience more calmth, lightness and openness and freedom in my everyday life.


Over the years I have been working on some personal issues with Lydia. She tured out tobe a person who is not afraid to make you go to the heart of the matter, despite personal emotions and reactions that come with such procedures. Lydia genuinly wants you to go through these things and to enhance your awareness. For which I thank you very much.



My husband and I had a difficult relationship with an insufficient communication. With him, this manifestated as anger. With me as “eating away” the worries. Through Lydia’s guidance I finally dared to confront and accept my own feelings. Then came a period during which I started to see more and more (with trial and error) how I ignored myself to maintain the relationship and keep the peace. Now we do communicate. I dare to stand up for myself and set my limits. We come to joint solutions and I am facing my demons more and more!